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Introduction to Jetty Lane CIO

Introduction to Jetty Lane CIO

About the Jetty Lane Project

Starting from nothing in 2017, the Jetty Lane project was initiated by Caroline Page, Woodbridge County Councillor.  We have secured a 125-year lease at a peppercorn rent on the old youth club site near the River Deben. Initially set up as a CIC we became a Charity in 2019 and have been successful in raising over £300,000.

Near the centre of Woodbridge, Jetty Lane will have purpose-built, sustainable, easy-to-use (and maintain) facilities for children and young people.

Participation of the Community 

Jetty Lane benefits enormously from the time, knowledge and skills of people, from all ages and backgrounds, who live or work in Woodbridge and surrounding area. We are strengthening relationships all the time with local individuals, families, schools, charities, organisations and businesses. We believe that having input from so many different people has been key to our success so far and, as we grow, we continue to evolve and look for more volunteers. Please contact if you would like to get involved!


Jetty Lane is run by a small team of Trustees Chaired by Caroline Rutherford, Manager at local charity Just42, with assistance from volunteers who are a range of local people with professional and practical skills and experience. We are supported by Scott Mortimer, Architect, in the design of the site.

Jetty Lane is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation registered in England and Wales. Registered Charity Number 1184713.

Our Present Situation

These are particularly challenging times for our Charity. Our actual Centre is not built yet and funding opportunities have, quite rightly, been diverted to provide support to Charities dealing with issues arising from the coronavirus pandemic. Construction costs have gone through the roof and some materials have very limited availability. With fuel and food prices increasing, many people have less money available to donate to charity and fewer people seem to have time to volunteer for charity - this is all bad news for us!

Nevertheless, we believe that people have become more aware of the importance of community, and, as we enter an economic recession, the need for a Hub providing accessible well-being and leisure activities for children and young people will become even more important.

This is a dynamic time for Jetty Lane. We are re-thinking our plans for the site and changing our design to make the main building smaller, less costly and quicker to build. 

Jetty Lane Site

Following the generous donation of 2 recycled shipping containers by businessman Eric Reynolds, Jetty Lane already has a tangible presence on the site. The containers, with their distinctive porthole windows, contribute a modern, maritime feel to their surroundings. 

Ostara Wellbeing run their training academy from the containers, and The Pod is also available for hire by community groups. Contact for more information about hiring this meeting room.

Just42, the children’s charity, have their offices in the portacabins and run all their activities throughout East Suffolk from this base. Jetty Lane is currently working with Transition Woodbridge on an exciting scheme to re-wild part of the site so that wildlife can benefit during the time that the ground is dormant and waiting for construction to start.

Please contact for more information.

Article by Jetty Lane CIO

A charity creating a community facility that improves lives for everyone in Woodbridge and surrounding villages.