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How to Create Effective Marketing Materials for your Business

How to Create Effective Marketing Materials for your Business

After our One-Day Masterclass you will be confident using Adobe Suite to:


  • Layout a Brochure, Flyer, Web Banner or Advert in Various Sizes & Page Lengths
  • Create Graphic Shapes to Bring your Design to Life
  • Prepare Images for Web & Print AND Fix Problems with Images, e.g. too light, too dark or funny colours
  • Remove or Replace parts of your Images
  • Fix Problem Images and Optimise Photos
  • Insert, Place, Move, Resize and Rotate your Optimised Images/Logo into a document
  • Create, Place, Edit text in your documents – inc. how to make your text flow around images
  • Save your document as the correct file type for web, print or Powerpoint


Friday 2nd November
9:30am – 4:30pm
Colchester Business Centre


£80 + VAT


Learn Professional Design Tips for Creating Professional Materials –


Article by Colbea Enterprise Agency

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