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How to achieve your workplace New Year's Resolutions

How to achieve your workplace New Year's Resolutions

A fresh approach for the new year

For many, January results in workplace New Year resolutions. Whilst you may not label them as such, it is a great time to return to work with renewed energy, a fresh approach and determination to “make that change”.  It may be career progression, improving work-life balance, tackling poor communication in the team, or developing a new skill.

By now you have likely identified what your planned changes are, however what can you do to ensure that you succeed rather than become part of the 50% statistic of failing this month? Read the full article here...

Article by MAD-HR Limited

Running a successful business today is challenging to say the least. To operate efficiently and profitably, managers need to be skilled in the recruitment, induction, leadership and development of their teams. Sometimes you need some assistance, whether that’s for now, for later or the long term. At MAD-HR we understand that such assistance needs to empower managers to lead confidently and nurture their ability, whilst being supported by simple, effective management tools. 

MAD-HR stands for ‘Make a Difference’ HR. Our philosophy is focused on providing premier, outsourced, flexible HR expertise to businesses regardless of their size, driven by great customer service. We can help your businesses thrive, succeed and flourish, keeping you fully in step with UK employment law. Plus, we’re really nice to work with.

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