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How Outsourcing Your IT Can Boost Your Productivity

How Outsourcing Your IT Can Boost Your Productivity

Every business is looking for higher staff productivity, and especially SMEs, who may be operating with smaller profit margins than some of the big multinationals. Heron IT provide high-quality managed IT support for small businesses in Suffolk, East Anglia and London. Here, we look at how outsourcing your IT support can make your staff more productive.

Immediate Time Savings

It can be tempting to think that you are saving money by making existing members of staff responsible for your IT equipment and strategy, but this is really a false economy. Employees who have been assigned these extra jobs will automatically become less productive on their core tasks if they are required to sort out their own and other people’s computer- and IT-related issues.

Freeing members of your workforce of these high-tech responsibilities allows them to concentrate on more creative, potentially money-making activities. This is particularly important if your firm is growing or you want it to expand.

Solving Problems

Often SMEs can be tempted to have just one person who is responsible for all the IT issues. The problem with this is that you may be relying too much on their individual expertise. What happens if there is a major problem which they don’t know how to solve? By using a dedicated outsourcing company, you can usually call on several different people, and, in the case of solving complicated IT problems, two heads are usually better than one.

Outsourcing specialists can sort out all sorts of issues remotely, without even needing to be in the office. This will minimise the distractions and should minimise the amount of time any of your IT equipment is out of action.

As part of our managed IT support services, Heron IT also have a helpdesk and an around-the-clock monitoring service, which should identify any potential IT issues before they happen rather than after the event.

Having the Tools to Do the Job

One of the key problems that companies, and particularly SMEs, can face is not having the right tools for the job. Outsourcing specialists keep abreast of the latest advances in technology, allowing you and your staff to work faster and ‘smarter’.

At Heron IT we can recommend and source the most cost-effective solution for your business as part of our IT procurement services, which are available for companies throughout East Anglia and in London. We can help you with a wide variety of high-tech equipment, including cables, keyboards, mice and scanners as well as PCs, laptops and tablets.

Solving Future Issues

As well as advances in technology, and changes in your company’s requirements, another potential area you should keep on top to maximise your staff’s productivity is the law. Not obeying the legislation surrounding, for instance, data protection and GDPR could see you prosecuted on hit with a hefty fine.

Rather than sending staff away on courses to learn about your company’s obligations, the most cost-effective and time-saving way of doing this is to employ external specialists like Heron IT.

Managed IT Support from Heron IT

Heron IT offer fast, effective managed IT support solutions for your business, whether it is based in Suffolk, or elsewhere in East Anglia. We also have clients in London. If you would like to know more about our services, follow this link and fill in the online form, or call us on 01473 350444.

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