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Headway Suffolk Apprenticeships Available

Headway Suffolk Apprenticeships Available

To mark Apprenticeship Week, Jodie tells us about her experience of being an apprentice at Headway Suffolk:

"Throughout my apprenticeship, Headway Suffolk have been really supportive of me. They make sure that I make my deadlines and offer me help if I need it.

"The staff at Headway check up on my welfare regularly and make sure any worries or concerns I have are taken care of.

"I'm glad that I applied for this apprenticeship as it has not only boosted my confidence, it has taught me a range of new skills.

"I look forward to completing my Level 2 qualification and then moving on to Level 3."

Headway Suffolk has employed health and social care and admin apprentices for about 10 years.

Some of our apprentices now hold senior positions within Headway Suffolk. Twice we have gained apprentice of the year.

We are very proud of our apprentices and work with them to gain their qualification and to go on to be excellent carers.

We guarantee all our apprentices a permanent job at the end of their apprenticeship, whether that is in our hubs or out in community.

We are currently looking for additional apprentices to join our team. Any young person interested should apply to

At the end of their apprenticeship they will have a level 2 or Level 3 in health and social care which is a national recognised qualification.

After apprenticeship, we ask all staff to continue with their training and personal development.

Article by Headway Suffolk

Headway Suffolk is a leading charity that supports adults with brain injury, stroke and neurological conditions and their families in Suffolk through a wide-range of rehabilitation and therapy services.