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Haven Power and Brickmakers Wood win prestigious award

Haven Power and Brickmakers Wood win prestigious award

Covering 3.5 acres of central Ipswich, the wild and overgrown Brickmakers wood area was plagued by substance abuse and other illegal activities before 2016. Since then, local charity Eden-Rose Coppice Trust has been striving to transform the wasteland into a beautiful, tranquil space for terminally ill and socially disadvantaged people.

Brickmakers Wood has been Haven Power’s charity of the year for the past two years. Each month, 10 volunteers devote a day to the site, and work with charity founders Rob and Jo Brooks on renovating the waste land. In addition to this, Haven Power supports fundraising activity including; theme days, bake offs, raffles, and choir concerts raise additional funds for the cause.

Paul Sheffield, Chief Operating Officer at Haven Power, said, “We’re so excited to have won this award with Brickmakers Wood. It’s a project that’s very close to our heart, and we love working with Rob and Jo, and supporting the work they do.”

Without Haven Power’s help, Rob Brooks and his daughter Jo would have to undertake most of the work at Brickmakers’ Wood single-handedly. Jo said, “It would’ve taken us five years to get to where we have in 18 months. Haven Power have accelerated the whole project by helping us build steps and decking, create an allotment and plant wildflowers. Their employees’ work ethic and commitment to the cause is incredible.”

Haven Power’s mission is to inspire change in energy use and help make sustainability second nature. The Brickmakers’ Wood project matches this sustainability drive and means Haven Power is able to make a difference to a local charity at the heart of the community.

Jo says, “Haven Power’s support is making a huge difference - and it goes way beyond fundraising. We’ve never seen this much commitment from a company - the continual volunteering has transformed the project, so we’re now two-to-three years ahead of where we would’ve been otherwise. And it’s all down to Haven Power’s people being so engaged.”

In 2017 Haven Power raised over £9000 for Brickmakers Wood, and volunteered around 800 hours, and are looking to do more this year.

Paul Sheffield concluded, “As a large local employer it’s important to get involved in the local community. Our work with Brickmakers Wood gives our people a purpose away from their daily roles at work and elsewhere. Employees know that their support helps care for the environment through sustainability, and benefits the local community too.”

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