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Full Mix Marketing Complete Successful Year with Chell Instruments

Full Mix Marketing Complete Successful Year with Chell Instruments

Chell have seen notable growth over the last year as we’ve delivered social media, blogs, press releases and email marketing on their behalf. With ambitious plans and new products, they’ve asked us to deliver a number of additional activities throughout the months ahead.  

“We’ve had a strong year with support from Full Mix Marketing” explains Jamie Shanahan, Sales Director. “Sarah and her team have helped maintain contact with our valued clients and found new ways to reach and educate potential customers about our innovative products.”

Chell Instruments produce pressure, vacuum and gas flow measurement and control solutions. They have provided high-precision instrumentation for more than 40 years, to industries including Formula One, aerospace and pharmaceuticals. They’re internationally respected for the quality of solutions their engineers deliver.

At Full Mix Marketing, we’ve been pleased to work with the senior sales team to take away the pressure of delivering successful marketing, whilst autonomously creating new ideas and opportunities.

“We’re really pleased to be entering a second year working with Jamie, Nick and the Chell team” says our Managing Director, Sarah West. “They’re a terrific business, easy to work with, always positive and receptive to ideas. We’re very glad to have fulfilled our promise to truly understand what they deliver and become trusted to get on and deliver quality marketing.”

At Full Mix Marketing, we’re a results-focused marketing agency which provides all the strategic, digital and creative marketing businesses need to grow. Based in Norwich, we’ve helped a number of businesses with complex industrial or technological products to achieve further success through the right mix of marketing.

We’re very excited about the year ahead and would like to thank all at Chell.

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