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Front Desk Management: First Impressions Are the Road to Success

Front Desk Management: First Impressions Are the Road to Success

Whether we look at things from a business owners’ perspective or a visitors’, if there’s one thing that’s clear is that bad service can easily become your brands’ death certificate. While running a business, you may think you have bigger concerns in mind (paying the providers, recruiting new staff, supervising the premises), but the initial greeting is perhaps the most important step in your business strategy merely because is the very first one. Let’s put it like this: you can’t expect that this now distressed customer steps on your business ever again. All because you didn’t put enough effort on your Front Desk Management. So how can we prevent something that simple from going terribly, extremely wrong?


Saving You from a Bad Rep

We at SignFlow are dedicated to providing small and medium business owners the necessary tools and features to organise and maximise your entire process, from the opening greeting to the final review. After all, is your brand, your name, and your reputation what’s at stake over here. For example, our reporting feature will allow you to know your busiest hours on your busiest days, meaning that you can schedule the check-in of all your visitors and avoid any overlapping scenario. Quick and painless. 


Respect Your Visitors

Be responsible and accountable for all the interactions your visitors have with your staff. Front desk clerks, maintenance people, concierges, they all represent your business and it’s also part of your job to make sure they are up to the game. The “It’s not part of my job” mentality has to go away. Yes, sure, sometimes you don’t know all the answers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your best to find a solution. Your staff needs to remember that thanks to your visitors’ preference, your small business continues to grow every single day. And what better way to thank them than giving them the service they deserve?


Save Time, Increase Revenues 

Another of our features is the pre-registering of your visitors, this very special tool will allow you to save a lot of time and assure a swift transition. Also, you can monitor who hasn’t check out yet with our management tool, and you can keep track of which bag belongs to who, thanks to our easy-to-print property labels. In the hectic world of front desk management, these simple yet effective traits will save you a lot of time and will increase the efficiency of your entire staff. 


Don’t Be Afraid to Go Out There

Front Desk Management is more than just the lady who greets you once you arrive at the building. It’s also the person that is ready to answer questions 24/7 from anxious customers with all sorts of issues and questions. Don’t be afraid to include virtual assistants or customer service representatives from mobile locations to your team. No doubt, they will be a priceless addition and will deliver the value your brand demands. 


Departures Are Not the End

It’s a new day and your visitors are gone, but you are far from done. You’re still craving for those juicy, meaty reviews. It’s the moment to gather all the positive feedback that would sediment the success of your business. It doesn’t matter if the whole visit was efficient and successful, if the front desk experience was the tiniest bit unpleasant, you can be sure your reviews will let you and everybody else know. Just like a great novel, don’t risk an awesome ending with a lousy start.  


BONUS: Remember You’re Safe!

We are GDPR compliant, meaning that your visitors’ information is secure and you can use this same data to predict their behavior in the future, shortening service times, diversifying packages and services, and setting up better and more efficient strategies, all while adhering to the most important regulation for privacy and protection of data collection. That’s how serious we are.

Without a doubt, #SignFlow is the easiest, smartest, and safest way to optimise your Front Desk Management and increasing the entire effectiveness of your whole organisation. What are you waiting for? Success starts by clicking here


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