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Five Daily Tasks That Can Be Significantly Optimised with Digital Visitor Management

Five Daily Tasks That Can Be Significantly Optimised with Digital Visitor Management

Have you ever stepped back to really think about the amount of time that it's spent on tasks that could easily be optimized? Tedious day-to-day tasks such as guest registration, NDA signing, guest logging, guest passes printing, manual notifications, etc. There are so many other important tasks you could be handling instead of focusing solely on manually tracking your daily visitors.

A visitor management software allows you to optimise all these processes in a simple, fast, and secure way, which will help free up time in the reception, leading to improving your visitors' experience.

Here are five daily tasks that you can easily and significantly optimise with the implementation of a digital visitor management system.

1.   Guest Registration

We all know how easily this can turn into a frustrating situation. Whether you are registering a guest, or you are the guest awaiting for the process to be completed. It's a simple process that's easily prompt to various hitches ahead. Working with a digital visitor management system will allow you to implement self-registration, making it a thousand times easier for visitors. This will also benefit your employees because now they will have more time and resources to perform other tasks instead of manually handling this specific one.

2.   Communication is Key

Truer words have never been spoken. Communication is everything, so you have to make sure it's positive. We believe there's always room for improvement, especially when it comes to your visitors and employees initial communication. That's why digital visitor management systems provide a feature in which as soon as a visitor registers in the reception area, an employee is automatically notified of their arrival, streamlining the entire communication process.

This will help create a more personal and pleasant experience for your visitor, while also optimising front desk processes and reducing the time spent there. As for your employees, such notification will help them increase their productivity and excel at the service they provide.

In addition to this, you can also share valuable details with visitors thanks to how customisable the platform can be. Including messages with the opening hours or guest Wi-Fi password can make all the difference. It will show proactiveness, efficiency, and genuine care for every single one of your visitors!

3.   Quick and Simple Check-Out

After a visit or a meeting, no one wants to head to the reception again to check out, especially if it's you and ten other people. Having a fully integrated platform allows you to complete different tasks, including check-out, this will update the visitor log and status in two seconds. Effective for them. Simple for you.

4.   No Third-Party Apps Needed

Third-party applications have probably done the trick for you, but it's a bit more hassle than you need. Multiple apps, multiple logins, multiple interfaces… It's too much. And although it is simple, time is everything and achieving time efficiency is the way to go. Visitor management systems help you manage guests and visitors all under one platform, making it easy and instant to know what meetings are happening, where, when, and who's attending. Everything you need to know about your daily activity with just a few clicks, no need of any other app that might take up those extra seconds you know you need!

5.   Go Green. Go Smart.

Green is smart. Not only will working with a visitor management system help with improving your visitors' privacy by completely eliminating the need for open logbooks, but you are also eliminating outdated, paper-based processes that will significantly free up time and resources for your administrative staff.

No more guest registration paper books with some serious illegible handwriting. No more spreadsheets. No more post-its everywhere. And no more constant and exhausting phone calls and emails that tend to go out of control. Going green is the smart choice. It will reduce daily paper hassles, help the environment, and increase the office's overall efficiency and productivity! 


6.   Digital Solution Means Digital Security

Not exactly a daily task that needs to be performed behind a desk, but equally as important. You can easily improve your office security with a GDPR-compliant visitor management solution, such as SignFlow, thanks to the full overview of which guests and visitors are in the building at any given time. This will not only protect your visitor's but also your employees.

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