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Five Benefits of Courier Integrations with ERP Systems

Five Benefits of Courier Integrations with ERP Systems

What comes to your mind when you hear the word delivering? Pretty sure you’ll think of a package that is sent from one point to another. But if you think it further, you’ll realize it may apply for both products and expectations. In the ecommerce environment, this simply means that delivering positively is also delivering your brand as a whole. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a third-party courier, it’s still your company’s name on the order.

Planning productions costs, defining marketing strategies, running sales, managing inventory, and many other similar tasks are both crucial and time-consuming, so it’s only logical that every now and then, something might be missed along the road; in this case, your shipments.

It’s so easy to lose the fidelity of your customers if your goods are not delivered properly in a timely manner and great conditions, so we at Zest ERP are giving away five benefits of integrating your courier management with your Enterprise Resource Planning system, or ERP.

Automation is Here!

A business growing is something good. A business that grows so much that loses track of small details is not. As your company expands, it may become a victim of delivery mistakes. To ensure an easy dispatch and avoid any kind of human error, you can automate parts of your process, such as printing labels or email notifications, assuring that your delivery practice won’t be anything else than another part of a fantastic and solid customer service experience.

Reduce Delivery Status Requests

Time flies but your customers are faster. They all want to know where their order is at any moment, so integrating your courier with your ERP system is only the smartest decision here. Besides giving your customers the chance to check by themselves the status of their shipment with the integration of customer data and shipping details, the records will also be reflected and summarized on your system, allowing you to report and metric your dispatch efficiency and delivery costs.

Real-Time GPS Tracking

For ecommerce companies dealing with the moving of physical inventory, an ERP platform can also provide alternatives to track your orders in real time, allowing you to accurately guarantee arrival times and prevent bottlenecks that can affect not only your inventory but your entire operation.

Never Break the Chain

A well-designed ERP system can improve your supply chain and make it more proactive with demand forecasting, inventory management, shipping and more, meaning you can monitor your entire process, including that moment when your customer receives that product he was craving for, fresh out of the oven. A good process chain should not be neglected, and Zest ERP knows exactly how.

Customer Satisfaction

Pretty obvious, right? But at the same time, complicated. By integrating your courier services with your ERP platform, you can provide your customers a five-star service, at the same time will be a source for great reviews and operative feedback, which you can translate into better strategies and improvements in your processes.

Integrating your courier services to the many other features and benefits within your ERP system might be a bad thing, according to what you can read on some blogs. However, the pros are way better than the cons, as long as you keep an efficient usage of all its capacities. It´s definitely more of a win-win situation for you. You want to know how? Just click here and let Zest ERP do the rest.

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