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Fine Wine Investment, Is It For You?

Fine Wine Investment, Is It For You?

Our objective is simple. Sustainable investments in Fine Wine with dependable returns

We’re confident that wine is a dependable investment. With market leading data analysis and a lifetime of experience in the industry, we know how to craft a sustainable portfolio. You can re-invest your gains as easily as you can put them in the bank. You can be sure that we’ll do what is right for you. We’ll work with you to set a budget, create an honest investment goal and build a portfolio that works.

We’re a small team offering a bespoke service

There are many, many other wine businesses in the UK, there are lots of different types of wine business too. Many of them will happily let you take all the risk in buying Investment Grade wines, let you choose what to buy and when to buy it. They’ll make their margin upfront while also taking their commission when you think it’s best to sell.


With Corkr Fine Wines, it’s a better way around. We’ll do the research for you, we’ll mitigate risk and we’ll be on hand every step of the way as your investment grows to maximise your returns.  You’ll hear from us when we think it’s the best time to sell and we won’t take a sales commission.

We’ll keep your wines safe and secure.

As part of our portfolio management service, we’ll store your wines for you with our sister company The Wine Tunnels. By storing with us you don’t need to pay UK wine duty or VAT. The wines are inspected on receipt, with condition reports and photography on file, we’re confident the wines will be safe and secure, and we keep them insured based on their current market value.

We only charge a Portfolio Management Commission

We’re know this model works. Not only do you receive more profit than buying and selling with a traditional merchant, you have our knowledge and experience to guide you through the lifecycle of your investments. As shown in our case study on page 9, £375 upfront can save you a commission of £2000 when you decide to sell.


A management commission means that we’ll keep a close eye on your investments, they’re our investment in you.

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