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Eight Reasons Why a Cloud-Based Visitor Management System Is the Way to Go

Eight Reasons Why a Cloud-Based Visitor Management System Is the Way to Go

In computing, a cloud is an internet-based service that allows users to access applications, data, and other resources at demand. In reality, its definition goes way beyond only that. Now, you may be asking yourself how this is helpful or relevant in any way for your visitors or your front-desk staff, well, we're here to tell you that cloud-based services are hands-down one of the major improvements you can integrate to your visitor management system and your overall business. 

Here are eight reasons why a cloud-based visitor management system is the –smart– way to go:

Save Money

Your visitors' information will have to be stored at some point, and that storage represents space and money. So why keep around boxes full of files when you can easily access all the information you need with just a few clicks? Think of how all those minutes spent looking up several IDs on a daily basis can be reduced with the digitalisation of your data. You don't have to run your numbers to know it's going to save you money in the long run. 

Protect Your Data

We're not just talking about GDPR compliance here, we're talking about the safety of your visitors' information, which can be guaranteed with the setup of proper backups using your cloud-based storage. It has even been proven that this practice helps prevent attacks from hackers. Securing your visitors' data is securing your business. Simple as that. 

Streamline Your Processes

With all those templates, spreadsheets, and forms you deal with every day, it's almost too easy to get lost! A simple, yet powerful cloud-based system will allow you to streamline all the different components of your organisation, from the moment a visitor arrives, walks into a meeting, and leaves the building. The cloud empowers you.

Change the Way You Work 

Employees that work with cloud computing systems find different ways to manage and share all stored information. This means it's easy for them to find more efficient ways to work with what they have and even go the extra mile. By having faster access to your resources, the learning curve will receive some major profits, and the proactivity rate of your staff will only consistently improve. Keep in mind that there's always room for improvement, regardless of the business type, lengthily, or success. You can always evolve, improve, and continue to grow. With that said, using a cloud to better your processes and systems it's definitely a cost-effective solution.

Accurate Reporting

With the gathering of all the information into the cloud, you can generate reports and measure the quality of your operations, and you can easily create and/or edit new and more accurate KPIs and get the reports you were thinking of initially, or better them in the future. If you are able to successfully identify and measure your growth, doubling it will be a simple job.

Flexibility & Mobility

The implementation of devices like smartphones and tablets is one of the most attractive characteristics of cloud computing. Leaving the orthodox methods in the past is refreshing and will deliver positive results. Being able to move your data will help your manager check the last visits from the past 24 hours directly on his smartphone, just to say an example, and will give him the chance to forward this information to any other department or employee as he considers it fit. Do whatever you need with your data on the go. 


No one wants to spend more time than necessary performing a simple task, this applies to both you and your visitors. Having a reliable internet service with good speed will allow you to have easy and fast access to your information at any requested time, and will let you shorten your response time, which has a strong influence over our next and last point. 

Visitor Experience

Cloud-based services will ease the sometimes excruciating process your visitors have to go through every time they arrive at your facility. Instead of having them check-in in an old-school form, they can have instant and user-friendly access with their own non-exchangeable 4-digit PIN or even their fingerprints. Such a basic simplification of the process will translate into a satisfactory visitor experience. 

What do you think now about the cloud? Do you still think it is some fancy tech gibberish? Nothing further from reality, cloud-based computing services can only bring good news for your company and your visitors. Think of it as when the internet was introduced for the first time: a brand new thing no one knows about. Change can be good as long as you know it can be rough sometimes, like a wild stallion. But once you tame it, the ride is smooth and nice.

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