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EDF Energy Sizewell C Stage 2 Consultation underway

EDF Energy Sizewell C Stage 2 Consultation underway

The new Sizewell C project website contains extensive details about the proposals, consultation events and news. User-focused, accessible and responsive, it features banners, large images and clear typography making it easy to navigate. The fixed menu bar allows people to access relevant information in one click, wherever they are on the site.


The proposals and events sections provide a clear and easily digestible overview of the project’s stages, a timeline indicating previous events and activities, future plans and current status using infographics and calendars. This is a crucial resource to allow the community and those further afield to access all of the information surrounding the project.


The Spring redesign of the Sizewell C Information Office, has seen window graphics replaced and external signage installed to make the space light, bright and welcoming.


The internal space has been repurposed with bright wall graphics displaying facts, figures and EDF Energy’s brand values to reiterate the aims of the Sizewell C project, including detailed information about the Aldhurst Farm Habitat Creation Scheme.


Now that Stage 2 Consultation is underway, Springers have been busy setting up venues for exhibitions, welcoming visitors and supporting EDF Energy’s team in handling enquiries. Spring has arranged data management, security, communications materials, catering and the venues themselves for the full programme of events to ensure that it runs smoothly, allowing the Sizewell C Project team to focus on the consultation itself.


Spring’s account director for EDF Energy, Nikki Berry, said: “The Sizewell C Project now has a website that is so much easier to manage and add to. As well as being user friendly and consistent with all offline promotion, this project - along with the office revamp - will lift engagement with the local community.

"It’s been great for Spring to work with the Sizewell C team on this.”

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