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Eco-driving course

Eco-driving course

Priority Driver Training has been chosen to give 'Energy Saving Trust' subsidized eco driver training to staff in St Edmondsbury and Forest Heath councils. 

As part of their clean air day staff will be coached in driving techniques that compliment modern vehicle advances to reduce mpg and emisions. 

Each driver will drive the same route with a before and after training analysis of their driving, showing instant improvements that can be made, In just one hour, we will be coaching six drivers per day.

Funding for these types of courses are funded by the energy savings trust and experience has shown drivers can reduce their fuel consumption and save 17% on fuel use and costs.

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Priority Driver Training provides a new approach to learning and assessment for fleet drivers, ensuring you are work-legal while receiving significant savings in fuel, insurance and working hours.

Priority Driver Training finds professional drivers respond better to trainers who have live practical experience.

As a result all our driver coaches are DVSA fleet driver trained with comprehensive practical experience.

Business and Fleet Driver Training for companies with more than 5 employees are required by law to have H&S audit records in place. We identify drivers with high risk elements to their driving and ensure best practice. Working alongside your current Health and Safety policies to develop a driver handbook. Incorporating a daily vehicle pre-drive check list to ensure your drivers are aware of their responsibilities and providing reassurance should an investigation occur. An H&S audit record in place is the legal requirement for 5+ employees, however we highly recommend it for all businesses, regardless of size due to the legal implications of negligence.