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East Anglia TWO and ONE North Planning Inspectorate Representations now open


An opportunity to make your representations to the Planning Inspectorate is now available and must be made by 27 January 2020.  

Any representations (giving notice of any interest in or objection to the Application) must be made on the Planning Inspectorate’s Registration and Relevant Representation Form which can be accessed and completed online via the links below or can be obtained from the Planning Inspectorate by telephoning 0303 444 5000.

- View East Anglia TWO
- View East Anglia ONE North

If you wish to have your say on East Anglia ONE North and East Anglia TWO you must do this for each application separately.

For further advice please see Advice Note 8.2: How to register to participate in an Examination

Please be aware that the Planning Inspectorate is required by law to make the information that you provide in any representation publicly available. Details published on the Planning Inspectorate’s website will be restricted to your name and the text of your representation. However, any copies made available for inspection at public locations will contain your contact details. 

Any representation or response must be received by the Planning Inspectorate by 27 January 2020.

Copies of the application form and accompanying plans, maps and other application documents may be inspected free of charge from 10 December 2019 (ahead of the previously advertised 16 December 2019) until at least 27 January 2020 at the Locations detailed here

Copies of the documents are also available online through the Planning Inspectorate’s website as below:

View East Anglia TWO
View East Anglia ONE North 

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