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DSE Assessor Training

Course Outline

A brief description of the course;


·         Recognition of hazards and risks associated with DSE

·         The causes of harm brought about by poor posture and equipment set-up

·         How to bring problems to the notice of the company

·         About the DSE Regulations, especially relating to eyesight, rest periods and the workstation

·         How to contribute to the assessments

·         What the user can do to prevent harm

·         Posture and the need for posture change.

·         Adjustment of equipment and furniture.

·         Use and arrangement of the workstation to aid good posture, prevent over-reaching and avoid glare and reflections.

·         The need for regular cleaning of screens and equipment.

·         The need to take breaks or change of activity



A brief description of benefits and advantages to be gained;

·         Assessment: Every employer to assess the risks to health and safety from using DSE by users and operators

·         Action: Reduce the risks identified to the lowest extent that is reasonably practicable

·         Review: When no longer valid, or a significant change

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