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Disaster Recovery that works when it all goes wrong

Disaster Recovery that works when it all goes wrong

Many businesses may consider a flood or fire as an unlikely disaster but long-term power outage or building damage can have a significant effect on business operations. In addition, a hard drive failure can result in a time-consuming rebuild of operating systems, security updates and applications even before the data is restored.


Backup is not the same as Disaster Recovery

Backing up data is an essential part of Disaster Recovery but being able to access and use that data in a time of crisis is often overlooked. If you host your email in the cloud, you can still check and send emails on another device even if your computer is unavailable.


Similarly, Disaster Recovery should enable the business to quickly resume operation using both the applications and the data that the business uses. We can advise you on a Disaster Recovery plan including access key information when you need it most.


Strident Disaster Recovery backups up your whole system

Strident Disaster Recovery backups up your system, including the operating system and applications you use and not just your data. Using specialist software, we create a continuously updated ‘virtual’ copy of your server on our own datacentre.


Our disaster recovery software runs automatically in the background to give you a full off-site backup. It is not reliant on staff plugging in and removing hardware on a daily basis, a system which is prone to error.


This secure, encrypted ‘virtual server’ can then be used in a variety of ways, either by installing it in Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform or to rebuild a new physical machine. In either circumstance, we can use the Disaster Recovery system to ensure the server works as before with applications, user permissions and data all intact. This drastically reduces the time taken to get back up and running.


Fast recovery from hardware failure

If the case of hardware failure, a new hard-drive or machine can be ‘restored’ using the virtual machine, providing a complete recovery far quicker than reinstalling applications and data.


Strident Disaster Recovery offers a secure recovery plan for your business however if you regularly work from multiple locations, then a file synchronisation service such as Dropbox for Business or moving your server to the cloud with Microsoft Azure will work better. 

To find out more about Strident Disaster Recovery, Dropbox for Business or Microsoft Azure, contact Strident on 01473 835280.

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