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Digital trial to boost housing service

Digital trial to boost housing service

In a first for not only the housing sector but for businesses across the UK, Flagship Group has this month started piloting the use of a Wacom Clipboard to boost the effectiveness and efficiency of its housing teams.

The electronic clipboard is being trialled by three housing officers based in Norfolk and Suffolk allowing them to digitally record and immediately upload information for essential housing forms.

The clipboard combines paper form filling with real time data captures and is connected to the housing officer’s mobile phones.

It cuts out the need for scanning as handwritten signatures are captured and attached to the digital document.

The three-month trial will provide a number of important benefits to the business including:

  • Reduction in printing of forms/reduced use of paper

  • Less duplication of work

  • Reduction in the need for storage

  • Documents easily archived and accessed

  • Reduced costs in the long term

Yogesh Gohil, Head of Technology at Flagship Group, said: “The use of the Wacom Clipboard is really exciting as we believe it can support and improve the way we work. We are always looking for better ways to deliver our services which includes being innovative and cost effective at the same time.

“This digital solution will hopefully make a huge difference to our business as we’ll be able to provide a quicker and more efficient service for our customers.”

Marie-Claire Delbrouque, Director of Housing & Customer Insight at Flagship Group, said: “We’re really pleased to be trialling the clipboard and intend to roll it out more widely if a success.

“One of the key purposes of the Wacom clipboards is to free up the time of our housing officers so they can work more efficiently and ultimately help more of our customers.”


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