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Customer Survey Results

Customer Survey Results

Not everyone filled out the survey forms (especially those who I emailed the survey to), and not all of the boxes were filled out. I have edited out the empty boxes to save space, but I assure you I have not edited out any negative comments; so far there have been none. if there are any doubters among you, I would be happy to provide an email with the 'full' survery attached. Some of my customers are regulars, and did not feel the need to repeat the survery.

Here’s to a successful 2019!

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Stan Smith Consultancy offers two distinct services.

The First is a Pat Testing service, which covers electrical appliances on such diverse sites as; Buidling Sites, Factories, Hotels, Retail and Charity Shops and Listed buildings. We also provide a H & S report on any equipments or environments we feel requires reviewing by the business owners, as well as a detailed record of the equipment tested and the next due dates. Please use the following email address  if you wish to contact me regarding PAT work;

The Second is, Project Development (charities only). I have a keen interest in the development and running of charitable organisaitons in the Suffolk area. Experience has shown me that there is such an urgent need to support services in the Lowestoft and Waveney area, and insufficient governmental funding for agencies to apply that support. More and more people/groups are creating their own charitabgle organisaitons to meet that need. I assist in all stages of that development; from conception to registration and for as long as it takes before the Charity is ready to stand on it's own two feet.