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China – barriers to trade review

China – barriers to trade review

The UK Government is seeking to enhance trade with China, and is now at a crucial point in bilateral discussions where it needs to understand key opportunities and constraints in the Chinese market, and the priority negotiating areas it should focus on.

It would be very helpful if you could gather the following information from your members:

What are the five current Chinese regulations or policies that have the greatest negative impact on your business today?

What are the most significant potential opportunities for your business in China that you are restricted from accessing today?

What are the most effective steps you’ve seen taken to improve bilateral trade and investment with China? (this could include by other countries)

What are the most effective steps that DIT (or other parts of the UK government) should take to increase bilateral trade and investment in your sector with China?

What are the areas and opportunities in your sector that you would expect the Chinese government or businesses to have as their key asks of DIT? If these were agreed to, would they have material impact on your business?

We would be grateful if you could please send your answers to Anastassia Beliakova by 7 September.

Article by Suffolk Chamber