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Can your business survive a disaster?

Disaster is a very dramatic word but there are plenty of business scenarios that can cause major disruption for a business. From fire and flood to power outages and theft, even restoring from a ransomware attack. If you lose your business data, or access to it, then your business will suffer.

To protect your business, secure backups and working in the cloud could be the answer.

Secure backups on premsise and online

Most businesses consider two backup solutions for their server; networked attached storage and online backups. We recommend a combination of the two to provide the balance of performance, cost and practicality .

Network Attached Storage (NAS) drives on your premises offer the highest level of performance and are great for providing an almost instant backup of data. NAS drives are often combined with dedicated backup software that performs regular backup routines without anyone need to manually run it or remember the tapes! Restoring data is fast too, enabling you business to get back up to speed quickly.

The effectiveness of online backups is primarily determined by your internet speed. Dedicated backup software can perform incremental backups when only the most recently created or altered data is backed up rather than entire backup each time. Online backups are great for a near instant, secure, off-site backup that could be accessed from other locations if there was a significant problem at the office. 

Working in the cloud

Working in the cloud is a great way to protect your data and access it. Using Micosoft Office 365 online enables you to work seamlessly on files and email at the office, at home or anywhere via the web. It's easy to organise data and work with colleagues using Micosoft Outlook, Teams and OneDrive for Business.

Files saved on you desktop are automatically synchronised with copies on the web, or on your other devices. While just about any file and be uploaded to Teams and OneDrive, not all can edited online. For example, design files such a CAD drawings or Photoshop files, would probably need to be downloaded to edit them.

With your email and files in the cloud, you can still keep your business running even if disaster strikes. 

Tailored to suit your business

Strident can help you create a 'disaster recovery' plan that suits your business. Using a mixture of working in the cloud, on premise and online backups, we can ensure your business is protected.

We hope you'll never need it but to make sure you have a robust, secure and hassle-free strategy in place, call Chris on 01473 835 280.

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