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Can you have fast, secure and off-site backups?

Every business owner and IT manager know the importance of a good backup system. Computers can be repurchased, the latest software downloaded again but if you lose all your business data then your business may never recover.

Most businesses consider two backup solutions for their server; networked attached storage and online backups. We recommend a combination of the two may provide the balance of performance, cost and practicality that you are looking for.

Network Attached Storage: Fast saving and restore but usually on-site

Network Attached Storage (NAS) drives offer the highest level of performance and are great for providing an almost instant backup of data. NAS drives are often combined with dedicated backup software that performs regular backup routines without intervention and all data or just a selection to be backed up. More sophisticated NAS drives also come with redundant disks ensuring that your data is safe even if one of the backup drives fails.

As important as backing up is restoring data. Thanks to their fast drive speed and network connection, NAS drives allow huge amounts of data to be restored quickly or enable just a few files to be found quickly.

Although it is possible to remove NAS drives for an off-site backup, this is usually too cumbersome to be practical. USB storage drives can be more easily removed but capacity is limited to about 10TB and requires someone to swap the drives over each day and stored them securely off the premises.

Online backup: Off-site but initially slow


The effectiveness of online backups is primarily determined by your internet speed. As with NAS drives, dedicated backup software can perform incremental backups when only the most recent created or altered data is backed up in each cycle rather than entire backup each time. This helps reduce the amount of data that is uploaded each day with come Strident customers happily updating online with just a 1-2Mbps internet speed.

Online backups are great for a near instant, secure, off-site backup that could be accessed from other locations if there was a significant disaster at the office. Backup software can ensure backup routine run smoothly in the background so your IT manager can be confident that backups run without user intervention.

Online backup can simply scale up as you need it, so you only pay for what you use without having to worry about how much data you’ll have several years down the line.Restoring data from cloud-based systems can be slow if your internet speed is low. Modern backup software allows to prioritise which data you retrieve first enabling you to recover your important documents first.

Strident backups: fast, secure and off-site

We combine the best of both NAS and online backups. Firstly, we take a ‘snapshot’ of your server on a NAS drive. This gives you a fast, local backup, which we also take to our secure servers for a rapid upload.

Once complete, we set the backup software to provide incremental backups to both your local NAS drive and to our secure severs over the internet. As we have already preloaded your online backup with the snapshot, only the changes are uploaded which means you have a complete online backup very quickly.

Restores are also fast. As we can access your NAS drive remotely, we can perform restores without you needing to wait for an engineer to arrive. If disaster strikes, we can very quickly take a copy of your files from our secure servers to a new NAS drive which an engineer will deliver to you to configure your new system.

“Devices such as NAS and USB drives are susceptible to mechanical failures as well as theft or damage. By creating a structured back up system with an online element too, businesses can be confident that their data is safe, explains managing director, Chris Joberns.

We hope you’ll never need it but to make sure you have a robust, secure and hassle-free backup and restore strategy in place, call Chris on 01473 835 280.

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