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Businesses & LEGO fans - unique sponsorship opportunities launched by St Edmundsbury Cathedral

Businesses & LEGO fans - unique sponsorship opportunities launched by St Edmundsbury Cathedral

The project to build a LEGO replica of St Edmundsbury Cathedral, Bury St Edmunds' most iconic building, is looking for local businesses and LEGO fans to get involved in this unique initiative and assist in its quest to raise £200,000.

To-date almost 32,000 bricks have been placed on the LEGO construction by visitors to the Cathedral donating £1 per brick, and now there are unique sponsorship opportunities available to businesses and those with a connection to the town and Suffolk, to sponsor key elements of the LEGO build.

Marie Taylor-Stent, PR, Events and Marketing Manager St Edmundsbury Cathedral explains more: “We have been so pleased with the response to our LEGO project. It has given us a chance to reach out to new audiences in a fun but meaningful way. This is an innovative and fun opportunity for local companies to make a connection or reconnect with the Cathedral and play their part in the ongoing future of this very special building. This would also make a fantastic Christmas, birthday or anniversary present for a true LEGO fan!"

With full sponsorship packages now available to sponsor the font, the Bishop’s Seat, the five altars within the Cathedral and the pews, there are opportunities to suit every budget.

As Marie explains:“Sponsorship of the most eye-catching piece in the Cathedral, the font, is available at £2,500 for a lifetime platinum sponsorship package. Alternatively, the Bishop’s Seat can be sponsored for £1,250, or one or all of the five altars at £500 per altar. Sponsorship of a congregational pew is also available at £125 per pew (mini figures included!).

There's extensive promotional and marketing support for all who sponsor us from on and offline marketing support, sponsor logo placement and much much more.”

Full details of sponsorship packages are available by contacting Marie Taylor-Stent, the Cathedral’s PR, Events and Marketing Manager on 01284 748721 or email

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