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Billie Box is a Family Business

Billie Box is a Family Business

Clare Hazelwood (Jane's sister) has now joined Billie Box.

Clare comes to the company with 15 years of Container trading and Container Conversion experience.

Clare has worked on many container conversion projects over the years. Here are a few examples:

  • Joining together three 30ft shipping containers to create a ‘mini-flat’ to showcase independent living equipment for disabled consumers at exhibitions.
  • Conversion of shipping containers for use as workshops by the MOD. Each container included ventilation systems, racking, ramps and the installation of standard and three-phase electrical supply. These units were zone 1 ATEX explosion-proof and were also fitted with fire alarm systems and safety backup lighting.
  • Joining together two shipping containers, end to end installing a raised floor, lining and an electrical supply. These units were to be shipped to Mexico, sited on a 60ft platform and subsequently linked to a building via a doorway.
  • The conversion of shipping containers into workshops for use by mechanical engineering students at university. The containers were joined side by side to ensure the workshop area was large enough to accommodate vehicles with enough space for the vehicles to be worked on by students.
  • Adding large bi-fold UPVC doors to 20ft shipping containers to allow easy access along the side of the container. The units were insulated, had electrics fitted, and were painted in the company colours, and taken to exhibitions to allow the customer to showcase their products.
  • The addition of a personnel door to a 20ft container for a prison requiring additional storage space.
  • Conversion of a 20ft container for use as a site office at a self-storage facility. Including french doors, windows and electrical supply. The exterior of the container was repainted in a colour of the customer’s choosing.
  • The conversion of a shipping container for use as a secure entrance for event sites. Each end of the containers were adapted to use roller shutters and turnstiles were fitted inside the container.

If you have a project in mind that converted container(s) might work, then call Clare today on 0800 121 7388

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