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BCC comments at the launch of HM Government’s new Export Strategy, welcomed by Suffolk Chamber

BCC comments at the launch of HM Government’s new Export Strategy, welcomed by Suffolk Chamber

Speaking at the launch of the Government’s Export Strategy later today (21 August), Dr Adam Marshall, director general of the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), will say that at this time of immense change for the UK economy, it’s crucial to get the national approach to export and trade right.  

Welcoming the government’s pledge to work in close partnership with business to identify and maximise opportunities for UK companies in markets around the world, Marshall will say that the new Export Strategy must be complemented by a strong push to ‘fix the fundamentals’ of the domestic business environment in the UK.


Giving the leading business group’s view on the route to export success, Adam Marshall will outline four key ingredients:


  • First, the best possible business environment at home – where dynamic companies have incentive to invest and grow.


  • Second, products and services that are second to none – where quality and reputation underpins competitiveness.


  • Third, consistent efforts to promote the best of British around the world, and


  • Fourth, a strong trade policy that helps UK companies and sectors build on their competitive advantages.


John Dugmore, chief executive of Suffolk Chamber of Commerce, said “it shows how much the Government respects the BCC’s expertise in international trade that Adam has been asked to share a platform with the relevant minister.


“Suffolk Chamber welcomes the Export Strategy and through our enhanced international trade offer comprising an export documentation service, training courses and trade delegation expertise, we look forward to continuing to help Suffolk businesses boost their export growth.”


At the launch, Adam Marshall will say: “We warmly welcome the government’s pledge in the new Export Strategy to work hand-in-hand with business to unlock opportunities for UK firms all across the globe. Working together, business and government have a real opportunity to help our fantastic firms raise their sights even higher.


“Over the decades, we have seen a number of trade and export strategies and schemes come and go. So, it is absolutely critical, at a time of immense change for the UK economy, to get our national approach to trade and export right.


“Getting day-to-day support for exports right is as important as efforts to negotiate new trade deals. Trusted, face-to-face support is key to export success. When firms get the information and connections they need to develop new markets and find new customers – that is when we see confidence, investment, and results.


“The comprehensive Export Strategy that the Minister and Secretary of State will launch today is crucially important. So, too, is ‘fixing the fundamentals’ to support growth here in the UK.


“We need a great export strategy and a good Brexit deal, but we also need to get the basics right here at home for our future trade and export success. We need airports with capacity for direct flights to link British businesspeople and goods to customers around the world, clear immigration and training policies that let UK firms secure talent from around the world, top-class digital connectivity, competitive tax rates and growth finance for ambitious firms.”


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