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Art and street food festival gets funding for Ipswich event in 2019 and invites Suffolk Chamber of Commerce members to sponsorship event.

Art and street food festival gets funding for Ipswich event in 2019 and invites Suffolk Chamber of Commerce members to sponsorship event.

The invitation-only event will be an evening of art, food and music with presentations from partners and organisations including John D. Edwards from The Never­Ending Mural, Arts La’Olam, We Create Projects Ltd, The Arts Council England and others to be confirmed.

Current sponsors and funders include Arts Council England, Ipswich Borough Council, The Big Lottery Fund, Women’s Vote Centenary Fund and The Suffolk Chamber of Commerce.


There are spaces available for exclusive sponsors, major sponsors, supporters and friends of the festival.

What is ART EAT?

ART EAT will be a free visual art and street food festival for Ipswich Waterfront on the 21st and 22nd of September 2019. The festival co­director Daisy Lees says “The Festival will include community street art projects and participatory workshops, a commercial art fair, craft market, exhibitions, street food stalls, entertainment and music appealing to a broad audience.” This project will bring together a selection of artists, traders and performers from across East Anglia and beyond, attracting an expected 20,000 people for a celebration of creativity, diversity and deliciousness. ART EAT is working with local businesses, communities, charities and educational organisations for the delivery of an inclusive and exciting festival programme. “We have large­scale urban art projects which businesses can sponsor including urban murals and a textile installation.” says festival co­director Iona Hodgson.

Who will ART EAT attract?

ART EAT is targeting a wide and diverse audience; people with a strong interest in enjoying life and finding new activities. The organisation ART EAT Events is planning to reach through extensive media channels and partner networks to both seasoned arts and culture vultures and people who have little or no experience of arts activities, and everyone in­between.

ART EAT will have a variety of attractions which will cater for all ages, with a range of offerings to suit every budget, from unique fine art purchases to free creative activities for families.

An appeal to festival sponsors will be made in mid­-December ­offering local businesses a variety of packages and a chance to contribute to the overall impact of the festival which will benefit local residents and a leave a positive impression on visitors to the town. Sponsorship packages range from £500 to £3500 and are a fantastic way to promote your business, raise your profile and support the local community and economy. Please contact Iona Hodgson on if you would like to attend the Sponsors, Supporters and Partners event before the end of November 2018. 

Below you can also download the detail of the Sponsorship Packages available. 


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