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Appraisals & Reviews

Course Outline

A brief description of the course;


  • Definition, purpose and principle objectives of appraisals
  • Benefits of the appraisal system
  • Resistance to appraisal
  • Planning and preparation
  • SMART objectives
  • Assessing job skills
  • Types of appraisal system
  • Behavioural observation
  • The appraisal interview
  • Handling difficult situations



A brief description of benefits and advantages to be gained;

 ·         To assist Managers/team Leaders in the effective techniques of staff appraisal

·   Delegates will have the techniques and confidence necessary to ensure that useful and appropriate appraisals are achieved

·         Managers will be able to provide constructive, motivational feedback and set realistic and achievable targets

·         Delegates will be provided with the knowledge and skills to improve the performance of staff by conducting meaningful performance reviews

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