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An exciting 12 months ahead for Lowestoft Vision

An exciting 12 months ahead for Lowestoft Vision

Lowestoft Vision has made considerable progress in delivering on its four key objectives aimed at improving the attractiveness of Lowestoft and increasing  footfall: to make the town centre more secure, more attractive, more appealing and more accessible and are now carefully planning both the initiatives for the next 12 months and the process that they hope will lead to the renewal of Lowestoft Vision’s BID contract as a result of the balloting of its levy paying members.


Darren Newman, who has been Lowestoft Vision’s manager since it was launched in 2013, has recently moved onto work for Hoseasons as a brand manager.  His role is now being delivered in an enhanced way through the support of Ann-marie Doggett, Lowestoft Vision’s events & promotions co-ordinator, who will assume more of a front line role in liaising with members, as well as delivering Lowestoft Vision’s many initiatives, Danny Steel, Chairman of Lowestoft Vision and other members of the board, plus extra resourcing and expertise from Suffolk Chamber of Commerce.


The company have also contracted with Central Management Solutions (CMS) to help manage the requirements of the renewal process up to the results of next year’s ballot.


CMS is a specialist team with a great local and national track record in turning around town centres for the better and in managing BIDs. The company provides proven and innovative support to locations through the management of BIDs and are pleased to have their crucial expertise and support at this important time for Lowestoft Vision.


Fiona Wright, COO of CMS commented: "Our role is to help support and guide the Lowestoft Vision BID through the months leading up to its first renewal. The Lowestoft Vision BID team is already concentrating and working exceptionally hard on delivering a very full programme of projects, all of which are key to local businesses. I am very pleased therefore that we can add that extra support for renewal planning and be an additional part of the team at this exciting time for their future plans."


Danny Steel added ‘'Lowestoft Vision is delighted that CMS has come on board to work alongside the current team in taking our BID to renewal in May 2018. CMS come with an impressive record of success in BID renewals so we are confident they will be able to do the same for us. It’s very refreshing to work with a company that not only has the required skills and experience but also the enthusiasm to get the job done. These are exciting and positive times for Lowestoft and the business community in particular.'’


David Howard, Managing Director of Palmers Department Stores and member of the Lowestoft Vision Board stated “We fully support Lowestoft Vision and certainly think that the help and support from CMS is the way forward.”


The Lowestoft Vision team, comprising the board, their partners and staff, are looking forward to an exciting and successful year ahead.

Article by Suffolk Chamber