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Accolade as Recycling Tips the Scales

Accolade as Recycling Tips the Scales

Vertas Environmental, the waste and recycling arm of Vertas Group, has received an award from Beccles-based supply partner Citrus Security Shredding, as the volume of confidential paper recycled passes 50,000 kilos.


Citrus and Vertas Environmental have worked in partnership since 2016 to create a bespoke offer so that schools and small businesses in Suffolk and Norfolk can cost effectively recycle small quantities of confidential waste. Rather than having to collect and store ten bags of waste paper before arranging a collection, clients can book a pick-up once they have filled three bags.


Mark Horner, Head of Vertas Environmental, said:


We continue to be committed to finding recycling solutions that suit schools and smaller businesses. Along with collecting and recycling waste cooking oils from school kitchens into bio fuels, we continue to deliver both cost-effective solutions for clients, whilst recycling materials into new products. We are very proud to have received this award from Citrus; their support has been instrumental in the success of this service and we want to reach 100,000 kilos in 2019!”


Jules Shorrock, Owner of Citrus Security Shredding, said:


“Presenting this award demonstrates our commitment to both the environment and to schools and the smaller business communities within Norfolk and Suffolk. It gives me great pleasure to award Vertas Environmental for achieving this milestone.”

Article by Vertas Group Limited

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