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Acas Summertime Special Newsletter

Acas Summertime Special Newsletter
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Acas East of England

  Dear Colleague,  


Welcome to the Summertime Special from Acas East of England


Falling out - a short story


Pat and Sam have worked together for years.  They socialise together with their partners and have been the best of friends.  However, recently something has changed.  They are hardly speaking to each other and have each been to see their manager separately to complain about the other. Both of them claim they are suffering from stress and it's only a matter of time before one of them will be signed off sick by their GP.


Their tense relationship is causing friction in their wider team and their failure to communicate and cooperate is having a detrimental impact on business.  Last week Pat failed to pass on a message from a customer about a date being inconvenient.  Their colleague was annoyed when they arrived at the arranged time was turned away by an angry customer.  The customer has now cancelled future work and the colleague is spending time double checking every appointment because they feel responsible for the lost business.


It's the holiday season, so there aren't as many people around and its more important than ever that Pat and Sam work together to get everything done.  You're fed up with the pair of them and feeling pretty stressed yourself.


What can you do?


Acas Guidance:

  • Mediation - enables you to keep both Pat and Sam but working professionally together.
  • Disciplinary Action - takes management time and may result in dismissing either or both Sam and Pat if their behaviour continues to deteriorate.
  • Performance Management - may be effective but won't address the underlying issue.
  • Settlement Agreements - removes the problem from the workplace but costs time and money.
  • Nothing - of course then nothing will change...


E-learning:   Conflict Resolution

Acas Training: 

Case Law


Modern Slavery in every UK town or city


Acas Guidance: Large employers required to publish yearly slavery and trafficking statements



Submitting Employment Tribunal claim forms for multiple appeals.  Can you use one form for multiple appeals?


Employment Tribunal Claims relating to the Supreme Court Decision on Fees have been stayed


Acas Guidance:  Employment Tribunals





"This was the third Acas event I have attended and I was once again very impressed. The event was excellent value for money and for companies with a limited budget it is so important to make these events accessible. Acas events allow you to field opinions and discuss matters with other people in HR / Management jobs who may have dealt with similar issues and can advise you on best practice and pitfalls to avoid - invaluable".


The trainer was not only informative on the subject in hand but on all matters and encouraged chats and discussion in the breaks and after the training about any ad hoc matters. She gave me some advice on a matter I am dealing with at work which not only helped me in practical terms but gave me less sleepless nights over that weekend - thank you! An excellent event."

LD and HR Manager, Finance company 


For our full schedule of training events visit


Acas also provides business advice, solutions and training which can be specifically tailored to meet an organisation's needs.  If this is of interest to you, a member of our team can visit you to discuss this service in more detail. 


Getting in touch - To arrange a free advisory visit contact us here or call our Customer Services Team on 0300 123 1150. 


Kind regards


Caroline Plummer

Area Director, Acas East of England


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The latest on fees, Taylor and much much more...


Annual Seminar for Solicitors and HR Executives

Judge Richard Byrne, Regional Judge South East, and Professor Owen Warnock, Professor of Employment Law at the University of East Anglia and Senior Partner in Eversheds LLP will be discussing the latest developments in Employment Tribunal procedures, including fees, the Taylor Review and much much more at our annual seminar for Solicitors. 

The event has now been opened up for HR Executives to book online.


Acas conference: Apprenticeships through the ages


What are apprentices, what do they do, and where do you find them?

Acas is joined by leading experts to talk you through the introduction of the new apprenticeship levy, what it means for your organisation and how you can maximise the opportunities created by this Government initiative.

Nearly full!  Book here


Acas Comes to Luton!


Acas are hosting an event on 25 October 2017 in Luton specifically designed for employers to introduce ourselves to businesses, both private companies and public organisations whatever your size, based in South East England.

To reserve your FREE place please contact Acas on 0300 123 1150 or email


Upcoming events:


Essential Skills for Supervisors  practical courses for hands on managers

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  24 August 2017 - Norwich  

Managing Discipline and Grievance

Also in Cambridge on 7 September 2017


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  31 August 2017 - Stevenage  

Mediation - improving management skills 

Supporting those with people management responsibility. This course will enable delegates to deal more effectively with interventions/conversations to improve working relationships within their team.

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  4 September 2017 - Norwich  

Managing extreme persistent and difficult workplace behaviours (Part 1) also running in Ipswich on 5 September 2017 


If you can't get enough of Martin Smith how about Practical Skills in dealing with Extreme Persistent and Difficult Staff Behaviours (Part 2)...

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  6 September 2017 - Cambridge  

Human Resource Management for Beginners

also running in Ipswich on 27 September 2017. - ideal for start up business owners taking on their first employees or anyone taking on HR as part of an administrative role.

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  18 September 2017 - Cambridge  

Managing the Invisible - a whole day covering various types of absence including:  short term sickness, long term sickness, maternity issues, mental health and stress.  Learn what the law says and how to manage these situations well.

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  28 September 2017 - Cambridge  

Employment Law Update  - lots of interesting judgements recently - do you understand the implications for your business? Are you ready for the General Data Protection Regulations coming in next year?



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  25 October 2017 - Luton  

Acas Open Day 

Acas are hosting an event specifically designed for employers to introduce ourselves to businesses, both private companies and public organisations whatever your size, based in South East England.

To reserve your FREE place please contact Acas on 0300 123 1150 or email

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  Beginning 7 November 2017 - Chelmsford  

Certificate in workplace mediation (CIWM)


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For all our other courses visit


Acas also delivers in-house workplace training which can be specifically tailored to meet an organisation's needs.  If this is of interest to you, a member of our training team can visit you to discuss this service in more detail.  To arrange a visit complete our online form or call our Customer Services Team on 0300 123 1150.



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Holiday Pay and Voluntary Overtime

Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council V Willetts and Others

Frequent, regular voluntary overtime must be included in holiday pay.  As a general rule, employees should not be worse off for taking holiday.

Please note that this EAT decision is case sensitive and may be appealed.  This decision only applies to the 4 weeks EU entitlement under Regulation 13 of the Working Time Regulations.

60 Second update
Call the Acas Helpline on 0300 123 1100


Evaluate your people management skills now - visit

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