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ABP Port of Lowestoft welcomes classic sailing ships

ABP Port of Lowestoft welcomes classic sailing ships

A pair of classic tall ships sailed into the Port of Lowestoft this week, stopping off on their voyages around the world.

The vessels made a spectacular sight for local people during their short stop off.

The older of the two ships, STS Morgenster, was originally built as a herring lugger in 1919. Today, it is a special purpose training ship that travels around the world helping naval students learn how to sail. It sailed through Lowestoft on its way from Den Helder, in Holland, before the start of a four-day trip to Greenwich.

The second ship, STV Eendracht, is a three-masted schooner built in 1989 and run by The Sailing Sea Ship Foundation. The Foundation offers active sail training to young people, preparing them for careers in the maritime industry.

Gary Horton, Harbour Master at ABP Port of Lowestoft, said: “We are delighted to have offered excellent facilities to the crews of both ships during their stay. The continued improvement of services at our ports is part of an extensive and ongoing programme of investment by ABP to keep us at the forefront of the industry. The use of Town Quay providing great views from the bascule bridge was a perfect location to berth these two fine historic sailing ships.”

“Attracting these classic tall ships to our port also allows local people to experience them, learn about their history and develop an appreciation of the maritime industry, which is so vital to the local economy, where the port alone supports more than 1100 jobs.”  

Photo supplied by ABP Ports - The STS Morgenster arriving at the Port of Lowestoft. 

Article by Suffolk Chamber