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ABI admissions up by 13% in 10 years

ABI admissions up by 13% in 10 years

There has been a 13% increase in all ABI (acquired brain injury) admissions in Suffolk in the last ten years, new hospital admission statistics from the charity Headway reveals.

Data shows that 3,283 people were admitted to hospital in Suffolk in 2019-20 (average 9 a day), compared to 2,902 in 2009-10 (average 8 a day). 

Head injuries and strokes continue to be the most prevalent causes of acquired brain injury in Suffolk, which mirrors the UK picture.

The increase in hospital admissions for brain injuries provides an up-to-date picture of the scale of the problem and further reinforces a continuing need for appropriate support services.

Many of those admitted to hospital with a brain injury related primary diagnosis will experience long-term difficulties and require some form of rehabilitation and support.

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Article by Headway Suffolk

Headway Suffolk is a leading charity that supports adults with brain injury, stroke and neurological conditions and their families in Suffolk through a wide-range of rehabilitation and therapy services.