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A new website for IJYI shows how local organisations can encourage collaboration

A new website for IJYI shows how local organisations can encourage collaboration

Ipswich-based IJYI are delighted to announce the launch of their new website. The website was built and designed by local marketing agency Banbury Howard.

IJYI was formed in 2014 by Chris Pont and John Nicholson who had the joint vision to improve software delivery processes and outcomes for organisations across the UK and beyond. The company and it’s services have grown rapidly in that time and the team realised that their existing website didn’t tell the full “IJYI story”

“We wanted the website to really convey the IJYI story. Our aim was to show how we differ in our approach to software development. We really believe that software development isn’t just about writing great code. Our team is highly creative and work in collaboration with our clients to deliver innovative software solutions on time and on budget” Chris Pont, Co-Founder and CEO, IJYI.

During a successful project with another local company, Screen Systems, IJYI were introduced to Martlesham-based Banbury Howard. IJYI and Screen Systems were working on an innovative automatic captioning app for social media, (read more here) Banbury Howard provided the creative design for the software’s logo. IJYI were impressed with Banbury Howard’s work and decided that they would be a great partner for the website project.

“This is such a great story of local businesses working together for successful outcomes. We’re delighted with our new website and look forward to sharing it with the world” Laura Hood, Marketing Manager, IJYI

The new website combines clean, fresh design with simple navigation. The IJYI brand has been captured through the use of colour from IJYI’s eye-catching logo and the key messages of software delivery, collaboration and creativity have been highlighted.

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Specialists in Software Development and DevOps Consultancy - working with you to maximise the value of technology to your business.

Expert Team

The creative thinking within our team sets IJYI apart from other Software Development companies. In addition to the core technical expertise and experience you would expect, fresh thinking and an innovative approach is embedded into the culture of our organisation.

Our highly skilled and experienced team consists of staff with experience from many industry sectors ranging from small start-ups to blue-chip, FTSE 100 companies using many different technologies.

IJYI focus on Software Delivery Excellence

Software Delivery is our passion and aligns with the very reason that IJYI came into being - to dramatically improve the way software projects are managed and delivered.

Our approach to Software Delivery means that we deliver complex projects on time and on budget - every time.

Strategic Partners
As a leading Microsoft Partner for Application Development, DevOps and Cloud Platforms as well as being an Amazon AWS Consulting Partner, IJYI has achieved the highest standards of Industry leading partnership programs. We’ve achieved this by applying expertise and industry leading capabilities in the use of Microsoft and AWS technologies to deliver success for our customers.

Our Services: Working with you to maximise the value of technology to your business.

Software Development & Mobile App Development 
From enterprise organisations to innovative start-ups, we support you through the full project lifecycle from your initial idea or concept through to deployment, operation and continuous development.

Our in-house team of Project Managers, Business Analysts, Developers, Quality Engineers and DevOps Consultants are experts at collaborating with clients and delivering projects on-time and on-budget.


Build for Speed: Our DevOps Service
Build for Speed by IJYI is a comprehensive end-to-end DevOps Assessment, Planning and Implementation programme. It enables your software development and operations teams to deliver optimal business value by promoting quality, productivity and collaboration. 

Our expert consultants work on-site to evaluate culture, process and tooling across your development and operational teams, providing a pragmatic roadmap that allows you to fully leverage technology in support of your business goals.


Cloud Migration Hosting and Support
Our highly experienced, certified cloud services engineers work collaboratively with you to understand the drivers for your move to a cloud solution. We take the time to understand your business requirements as well as any technology or compliance constraints, in conjunction with your future requirements. This approach means that we can help you to implement the best solution that meets your functional, performance and resiliency needs.

As leading partners of both Microsoft and AWS, IJYI can support you with the design, deployment and management services for both platforms and are strongly placed to help you decide on the right route for your requirements.


5 Day Product Design Sprint
When you're grappling with bringing a new concept, product or service to market it can seem that you have a mountain to climb. Achieving project goals can feel like a daunting prospect.

A product design sprint with IJYI is the perfect way to move forward with an idea or concept. It will help your team to truly promote innovation.

Within one week you can have the data, analysis and prototypes you need to help you make an informed decision about the next steps for your project.