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Vitamins boost for local businesses

Vitamins boost for local businesses

The Suffolk-based marketing and PR agency Business Vitamins, has today launched a stand-alone competitor marketing analysis service.  The facility provides businesses with information and analysis about their perceived and actual competitors.  The resulting insight will give companies a competitive advantage which can be used to achieve incremental business growth

Until today, this research and analysis was only available as part of a fully managed, annual marketing strategy project.  However, client feedback has indicated the need for this information to be updated on a more regular basis and to be available as a stand-alone service.   

Company Director Selina Noton commented: "Theoretically, we would all like to know as much about our competitors businesses as we know about our own.  Realistically, the time and effort involved in doing so can rarely be justified. When undertaking competitor analysis it is important to strike a balance between essential and desirable information.  We have often witnessed business owners becoming side-tracked when working on this type of project themselves.  It’s very easy to be drawn into research which is interesting but not actually business critical."

Business Vitamins Co-Director Stuart Noton continued: "Using a third party to undertake this type of analysis is beneficial on a number of levels.  We provide impartiality and keep research specific and targeted.  We understand which information is valuable to a business and its bottom line.  We hope this service will offer a boost to the increasing number of companies in East Anglia already in a period of growth, as well as start ups that are looking to gain a competitive edge."

The Business Vitamins report provides a diagnosis of online and offline corporate competitiveness and gives a benchmark for evaluating a company’s position against others.  It is essential to confirm which marketing activities are effective now and where future efforts should be targeted in order to leverage easy wins and to identify and prioritise areas of weakness where there is scope for improvement. By taking measured and informed decisions, companies will improve their performance and success. 

A typical report is priced between £225 and £750 + VAT depending on the number of competitors to investigate.  Please visit for further information.

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