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UK Justice Secretary hit by latest net-fraudsters

Hundreds of Jack Straw's constituents have been targeted by net-fraudsters from Nigeria. Emails arrived in their inbox, supposedly from Jack Straw the UK Justice Secretary, explaining he was in Africa doing charity work and had lost his wallet. The emails went on to say he needed 3000 dollars to pay his hotel bills and get himself back home. He only realised when he started to receive phone calls from his email contacts asking if he really was in trouble and needed the money to return to the UK.

This only highlights the very real risk to your email inbox from a new breed of net-fraud you can expose yourself to by logging onto social networking sites.

People will always need the on line 'solitaire' break. Why sit in a draughty canteen when you can log onto the myriad of social networking sites and chat to friends instantly. It might seem harmless fun but it could cause untold damage to your company's network.

Since React Computer Partnership raised this issue at the beginning of 2009, latest reports confirm viruses, spyware and phishing scams are working their wicked ways into your own networks right now, through staff using on line social networking sites in their 'spare' time. Not only can these e-truders potentially corrupt your systems but they can also gain access to your confidential material too.

Your IT department will already block access to some of these sites, however, be aware new ones are regularly coming into play. React Computer Partnership, based in Woodbridge, has a handy, free Network Safe Poster they can send you. It's packed with tips to keep you safe from web-jacking from unwelcome and unknown sources. Many Suffolk business owners have already requested a copy to display in their offices to make staff more aware of the very real threats involved when using social networking sites.

Some tips from Francis Pledger, Director of React Computer Partnership, to keep you Network Safe

  • Ensure you and your staff are well aware of your company policy regarding surfing certain Web sites.
  • Be vigilant, look out for Spear phishing - eg. Just like Jack Straw - It's an email sent directly to your contacts, which appears to have come from you. Remember never email back personal details, passwords, bank accounts, user names etc.
  • Guard against Spam - 86% of websites which ask for your web address will generate copious amounts of the dreaded Spam emails.

If you're at all worried you can get a free copy of the Network Safe Poster to display in your office. It's a guide to safe social networking for you and your staff and if you contact React Computer Partnership they will send you a free copy. Call them on 01394 387337 or click on the following link and download it for free

For more involved advice on IT protection and networking solutions for business contact React Computer Partnership 01394 387337

Article by React Computer Partnership

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