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Swarm raises the bar with new funded Level 5 Innovation & Growth Diploma

Swarm raises the bar with new funded Level 5 Innovation & Growth Diploma

Swarm as a social enterprise is focused on supporting and developing enterprise skills in employees to deliver the greatest possible impact in business.

Now there’s an opportunity for even greater impact with the introduction of a Level 5 Diploma in ‘Innovation and Growth'.

Unlike the Level 2 and 3 Apprenticeships Swarm supports, there is no upper age limit for government funding.  That reduces the likely cost to the learner or their employer, making this qualification a realistic and affordable option for many wishing to grow their entrepreneurial skills.

Chris Perry, Swarms Managing Director comments: "This is a fantastic opportunity for people to gain a degree level qualification in the workplace that concentrates on business growth and development. It unlocks new doors for both Swarm and the business community, enabling organisations to upskill existing employees or recruit new people to high calibre management roles."

He continues: "We recognise that to grow opportunities for young people you need to grow businesses. With this qualification we have a unique opportunity to support the senior leader’s business to drive innovation and growth which will have a wider impact, not just for young people but for the whole regional economy."

Robert Ashton, Swarm’s founder and Chairman added: "This new qualification will challenge people to see, and then seize their opportunity to lead innovation and growth at work. It’s accessible, affordable and as with everything Swarm does, has enterprise at its heart."

To find out more, ring Chris Perry on 01953 609752 or visit

Article by Swarm Apprenticeships Ltd

Swarm is an apprenticeship training organisation that focuses on developing young business apprentices to achieve more in their roles. Swarm makes it easy for businesses to recruit a new apprentice into your organisation or upskill existing employees through enterprise training and coaching. The main focus of our training is to be able to deliver a measurable return on your investment. Swarm Apprenticeships is more than just gaining a qualification, it's about training and supporting young apprentices to be more effective within their jobs and helping grow the businesses they're recruited in. All of Swarm's business qualifications are underpinned by our innovative enterprise training workshops which develop the mindset of the apprentice and teaches them the business skills necessary to be effective in working in a growing business. We have a range of business qualifications that we can tailor to suit the needs of your business.