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Powder coating: In your words

Feb 5, 2016

Powder Coating Made Simple 

Powder coating is the preferred method of metal finishing across several sectors and industries because it’s fast, affordable and - perhaps most importantly - environmentally friendly. But how does the powder coating process actually work, and how can it benefit your business? 

Generally speaking, the term ‘powder coating’ refers to the covering of metal parts and components in a powdery substance before they go on to be cured in a purpose-built oven. Utilising opposing electrostatic charges, powder coating specialists apply the substance directly to the metal item; the piece itself is negatively charged, whereas the powder coating ‘gun’ (as it is commonly referred to in the industry) is positively charged, meaning the particles are naturally attracted to the piece. Consequently, there isn’t any risk of ‘over-spray’, as any excess particles simply don’t attach to the metal parts, leading to a consistent and even coating. 

Once the spraying section of the powder coating process has been completed, the items are then taken to be cured in large industrial ovens. Curing time can vary greatly depending on the size and shape of the item, and different sheetmetal fabricators will have different limits as to just what type of piece they can powder coat. During the curing process, a thick layer is formed around the piece as the powder fuses together, one that is widely known to be much more durable than that offered by conventional wet spray painting techniques. 

Is Powder Coating Right For My Components?

  • Powder coating is widely regarded as the most cost-effective metal finishing service on the market; with virtually 0% product wastage, it’s an affordable option that actively extends the shelf life of your metal pieces.
  • Similarly, powder coating carries very little risk of environmental impact, as no solvents are evaporated during the process, meaning noxious substances aren’t being released into the atmosphere. Excess powder can simply be swept up and re-used.
  • Powder coating isn’t just a means of improving the look of your metal items, but actually protects them against weathering, corrosion and everyday wear and tear.

What Industries Use Powder Coating? 

Powder coated metals can be found at the heart of a variety of sectors, from consumer goods through to building projects:

  • Automotive Manufacturing
  • Leisure Manufacturing (bicycles, consumer technology etc.)
  • Civil Engineering & Architecture

Finding Out More About Powder Coating 

Should you wish to do so, you can visit our Powder Coating page for more information on our service and capabilities. If you can’t decide between powder coating and wet spray paint application, check out our dedicated blog, in which we’ve explored the topic in more detail. As always, impartial advice and free estimates are provided on 01440 706218.

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