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Travel News: Insect repellents save lives in the city: Dengue in Delhi.

Dengue Fever is on the increase in Asia is reported by The International Society for Infectious Diseases.

There is no vaccine available for dengue and the only preventative measures available are insect repellent and long sleeved clothing.

Mosquito nets are also recommended.

It is vital that business travellers are aware of this risk, as Dengue occurs in urban areas as well as in rural communities.

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Dengue fever is a severe flu like illness which is spread by the Aedes aegypti species of mosquitoes which predominantly bite during the day.

Dengue is endemic in South-East Asia, the Indian sub-continent, the Pacific region as far south as Queensland in Australia, the Caribbean Islands, northern and eastern parts of Central and South America, to a lesser extent the Middle East and sporadically in Africa. Outbreaks are common and often occur after the rainy seasons when mosquitoes breed more actively.

Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) and the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) issued notices to several offices and premises which were found to be acting as breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

Ironically, many government buildings have their names included in the list, such as Nirman Bhawan, Shastri Bhawan, Krishi Bhawan housing key ministries as also have many prominent city hospitals.


On Tuesday [02 Sep 2008], the health officials told that this year nearly 299 people have died due to malaria and 19 others due to Dengue throughout the nation.Reports of increased numbers of cases of Dengue fever from Vietnam, Laos the Philippines and Fiji have all been reported in the past week.

36,900 cases and 33 deaths of dengue have been detected nationwide in Vietnam during 2008, with more than 6100 cases from Ho Chi Minh City and more than 222 cases from Hanoi city.

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