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It has been announced that the woman in Northern Ireland infected with rabies virus has tragically died. The exposure to rabies virus is thought to have taken place in an animal sanctuary in South Africa where the woman worked as a volunteer at various times between 2006 and 2008. During these visits there was contact with various animals, including dogs and she was scratched when stopping a dog fight.This disease is totally vaccine preventable; it is a course of 3 over 21-28 days


Christmas brought an increase in flu viruses in the UK but we are not the only ones suffering.Avian flu is present in Beijing and Vietnam, travellers are warned about risks, eating rare poultry and avoiding handling poultry.

Flu vaccine and Tamiflu are in limited supply at The Travel Clinic!


Around 35,000 cholera cases and over 2000 cholera related deaths have been reported from Zimbabwe and the outbreak has spread to South Africa as expected as they share the border along the Limpopo river which itself is contaminated with cholera. Mozambique too, is badly affected with 8 out of 11 provinces affected.

The cholera vaccine nowadays is very effective; it is a drink and is 2 doses 1-6 weeks apart.

Urgent advice for travellers to USA

British travellers planning to travel to the United States under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) must now provide details online 72 hours prior to travel on an Electronic Travel System known as ESTA. British travellers who have not registered before their trip are likely to be detained and sent home. This may affect a wide range of British Nationals and people who may not have heard of ESTA and booked their trip before enforcement of the new rule, may be caught out.Information can be found on the foreign office website on the United States travel advice pages.


The recent Health Protection Agency report ( ) shows a continued rise in measles cases in UK, it is important to ensure travellers have received 2 measles containing vaccines in their lifetime, especially if planning long trips to endemic areas, such as Asia, South America or Africa.

There is also a continued rise in cases of Malaria in travellers returning to UK following visits to friends and family.

It is important to remind people of the loss of their immunity, and the vital need for protection against this potentially deadly disease.

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