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NetXtra launches Integra integrated CPD portal for Royal College of Pathologists

NetXtra launches Integra integrated CPD portal for Royal College of Pathologists

Membership website and back-office integration specialist NetXtra has recently launched a new portal that allows The Royal College of Pathologists’ (RCPath) members to conveniently record and maintain their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) records and supporting information for medical revalidation.

The new portal presents logged in members with their own personal CPD dashboard. From here members can instantly view their personal credit summary details, get an overview of their current CPD activity or access more detailed information to review their upcoming, ongoing or previous activities. Members can also draft and create activities, as well as set and view their own action plan, download and print their CPD statement from RCPath’s Advanced NFP Integra CRM, and both view and submit their annual CPD return.

Similarly, members can also summarise their activities into a single PDF document using the site’s PDF Report Generator. The member’s CPD records are reconciled into a report and delivered by the site’s NetXtra Content Management System. The generated report can then be sent electronically by email or printed for use in HR related initiatives or activities where a summary of CPD activities is required.

A helpful search/edit facility also allows users to view, link to and filter their activities from within a personalised CPD calendar. Colour-coded to further facilitate easy review, members can use the site’s calendar feature to further edit and manage their CPD portfolio.

In delivering the new portal, the project also required NetXtra to migrate a wealth of existing CPD-related data from the previous product. Information, such as current and previous members’ CPD activities, was transferred to the new portal using well-tested and proven procedures, so ensuring that the final transition and user experience to the new portal was seamless for all members.

Stella Macaskill, RCPath’s Head of Professional Standards said: “As a professional body, CPD underpins everything our members do and is fundamental in their ability to practise. Consequently, our CPD processes are pivotal to the way we drive and deliver great membership value.”

Mrs Macaskill continued: “The team at NetXtra really get ‘memberships’ and both understood and advised us about what we needed and how various approaches could benefits our members. The result is our fantastic new online CPD portal, which is delivering a more streamlined member experience whilst also automating many previously labour-intensive, manual processes.”

To find out how NetXtra can help you migrate your membership's CPD activities online, call 01787 319393, or send a message via their website.

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