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Interested in Shaping the future of Sport in Suffolk

Interested in Shaping the future of Sport in Suffolk

Led effectively by the current Chair, Professor Bill Tancred MBE, we have achieved a high reputation with our stakeholders. The Chair is due to due to step down at the end of February.

Like all organisations, Suffolk Sport needs to adapt to a changing policy and financial environment. Suffolk Sport has secured funding up until 2017 and is taking this opportunity to review the way we work against the challenges of the future. To do this we are looking for a new Chair and additional Board Members with experience in the areas of business, NGBs, entrepreneurism, encouraging inward investment, etc, to drive through the changes required to keep us in the ‘fast lane’.

For more details on these non-salaried positions please visit our website

Article by Active Suffolk

Suffolk Sport is one of 49 County Sports Partnerships across England. Working with a wide-range of local partners, our aim is to make Suffolk a physically active and successful sporting county. Our role is to co-ordinate sport and activity programmes in Suffolk and support the development of clubs, coaches and volunteers in the County. We are committed to getting more people in Suffolk playing sport and being active and providing everyone with the opportunity to achieve their sporting goals.