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Interactive digital posters hit the streets of Ipswich

Interactive digital posters hit the streets of Ipswich

Our research into the Digital media marketplace has found that we can promote companies who have traditionally used print media, with an interactive digital feature embedded within their print promotions.

Augmented Reality (AR)?

It's the bridge that takes your printed advertising (posters, newspapers, shop windows, flyers, brochures, magazines, business cards - almost anything printed) into the digital world. From a static poster or house advertised in an estate agents window, potential customers can view your website, download a coupon, view a video, fill in an application form, see a menu, book a table, the potential is only limited by your imagination.

Having researched AR (and used 3 of the major products) we believe that we have discovered the ideal platform for our poster business.

You can see how it works by following the instructions and then scanning the photo.

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