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Innovative apprenticeship will transform polymer processing training

Innovative apprenticeship will transform polymer processing training

Cambridge Regional College has partnered with leading training company G&A Moulding Technology to launch a polymer processing apprenticeship in a move designed to plug the skills gaps in the polymer processing sector.

The scheme differs to those set up by other training and educational establishments in that the majority of the teaching will be based on the vocational skills essential to plastics businesses, delivered in the state-of-the-art facilities at G&A Moulding Technology in Peterborough.

An apprentice would normally work in either a factory or a workshop and learn how to mass-produce plastic components. They would weigh and mix raw materials, learn about the production process, test products, maintain machinery and ensure items are made on time without wasting materials.

The aim of G&A and Cambridge Regional College, however, is to take apprentices early in their career path and “immerse them in a polymer learning environment” over a two-year training period, imparting the knowledge required to be successful in the workplace at the expected performance criteria.

The key elements will be to ensure that, by the end of training, the can:

  • Set up, monitor and maintain a process
  • Complete a shutdown of a process
  • Maintain product quality at the expected output rate
  • Prepare materials for processing
  • Have a knowledge of polymeric materials
  • Understand and support the maintenance activities

For the first 23 weeks of employment, the apprentice will spend one week at the G&A facilities, starting to learn all of the technical knowledge for polymer processing, followed by four weeks in their workplace, and then back to G&A..

In the final week of the 23-week programme, the apprentice will take a Polymer Operations (QCF) exam endorsed by the Qualification Awarding Body PAAVQ-SET to demonstrate the knowledge learnt.

There will be three intakes a year – January, June and September.

For further information contact: Paul Warmington – Cambridge Regional College: or Richard Brown – G&A Moulding Technology:

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