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If you believe you will achieve says Inspire's CEO

If you believe you will achieve says Inspire's CEO

Inspire Suffolk's latest Team students certainly believed - this week saw not one, not two but three Team presentations from the young people who found the courage to try the free 12 week Team programme to take control of the direction of their lives and move onto a brighter, more enjoyable future.  Team programme is run in conjunction with Inspire Suffolk's delivery partners The Princes Trust and West Suffolk College and this week they attended the final day of the course for these brilliant young people in Subury, Ipswich and Stowmarket. The Stowmarket Team project was the very first for the town and this is what some of the young people told us when talking about their experiences with Inspire Suffolk and its Team programme:-

"Before I joined the Team programme I had no motivation, even to eat on some days." Kelvin

"I didn't even used to get out of bed but in the 12 weeks I've helped at the Children's Ward at Ipswich Hospital and had three job interviews." Connie

"I am no longer shy around other people and I couldn't have stood up and done this presentation if it wasn't for Inspire Suffolk." Harrison

The young people took on a variety of roles during the 12 weeks including a visit to Coombs Court Care Home and a full week's residential at Lambourne End Outdoor Centre for personal development. The presentation was held at The Mix in the High Street in Stowmarket and the certificates were presented to the Inspire Suffolk students by the town's Mayor Gerrard Brewster.  Delivery partners The Princes Trust were also represented on the day by their Quality Manager for Norfolk & Suffolk, Sarah Hayes. West Suffolk College are our other delivery partner and none of our Team Programmes would be possible without the help and support from them.

It was also the turn of the Ipswich Team students to shine this week - they were the 22nd group of young people who have been helped so far since Inspire Suffolk began running the Team Programme in conjuction with the Princes Trust. Here's what some of them had to say during their presentations:-

"I've learnt so much, especially when it comes to working as a team and now I've been offered a part-time job at Suffolk Food Hall." Joshua

"Before I joined I was just wasting my life on video games, this course has helped me to become more mature." Kurtis

"No one at Inspire Suffolk is judgemental." Shannon

"I was taking drugs everyday before I joined but now I'm in a much better place." William

As part of their Team programme the Ipswich group chose to work with the charity Talith Koum raising the money for materials and then building and painting wooden garden furniture for the women's refuge. The benches were placed in their new orchard at the back of the new home being built on the outskirts of the town. They were delighted to be joined by The Mayor of Ipswich - Bill Quinton. 

Finally the 7th Team of Sudbury students had their presentation also this week, at the Sudbury Town Hall. They were given their certificates by the Mayor of Subury Councillor Robert Spivey. The group had previously worked tirelessly on the boating lake in the town and given it a makeover and our grateful thanks to Sudbury Town Council for providing support and materials to complete the project. Here's what these young people thought of Inspire Suffolk's Team Programme:-

"I was so pleased I got to work with animals as part of my work experience and now I'm going back to college to retake my maths GCSE." China

"The Sudbury Community Wardens were brilliant to work with so I'm applying for an apprenticeship with them." Harrison

"I couldn't attend my presentation as I've managed to secure a full time role in marketing - my dream job thanks to Inspire Suffolk." Chelsea 

Since 2008 Inspire Suffolk, a local charity, has worked with The Princes Trust to improve the lives of young people aged between 16 and 25, with a 12 week Team Programme which discovers new talents and improves the confidence and self esteem of the young people they work with across Suffolk. The next Team programmes will commence in January 2015 in Lowestoft, Ipswich, Sudbury and Stowmarket. For more information email or call Andy Crump our Education Delivery Manager on 0845 1369 333.

Article by Inspire Suffolk

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The charity also provides sporting activities for local children and young people to boost participation, confidence and a healthy lifestyle. 

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