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Hydromx® Now Has Internationally Registered Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and can be used for BREEAM and LEED Green Building Certification

Hydromx® Now Has Internationally Registered Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and can be used for BREEAM and LEED Green Building Certification

Organizations, seeking the 2 globally-leading Green Building Certifications of BREEAM or LEED, can now use Hydromx® towards gaining those certifications, because Hydromx® now has its Internationally registered Environmental Product Declaration (EPD®). The Registration No. is S-EP-00633:

  The International EPD® System accords with “ISO 14025:2006 Environmental labels and declarations -- Type III environmental declarations -- Principles and procedures”.

Using a simple, standard process of draining, flushing ( existing systems ) and filling the central heating ( or cooling ) system with a 50:50 mix of Hydromx® and water, without changing infrastructure, the benefits Hydromx® brings to clients are:

  • Savings of up to 35% of energy costs and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.
  • A payback of one to 3 years, with a return on investment over at least 15 years.
  • Measurable protection against corrosion, limescale, micro-organisms and freezing with an insurance-backed warranty of 15 years.
  • Improved asset value because boilers and chillers run for fewer hours, extending their life and reducing life cycle costs.

The UK’s “BREEAM ( Building Research Establishment Environment Assessment Method ) is the world's leading sustainability assessment method for master-planning projects, infrastructure and buildings. It addresses a number of lifecycle stages such as New Construction, Refurbishment and In-Use.  Globally there are more than 535,900 BREEAM certified developments, and almost 2,219,200 buildings registered for assessment since it was first launched in 1990”:

  The USA’s “LEED ( Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design ) certification is recognised across the globe as the premier mark of achievement in green building.”:

“Hydromx® can be put into any closed water circuit used to transfer heat.”, said Robert Farman, the local agent for Hydromx®. “These include: solar heating systems providing hot water for cleaning and washing; chilled water circuits for air conditioning; and traditional central heating systems.” Robert further explained that “Down at the millionth of millimetre – nanometre – level, Hydromx® uses nanotechnology to arrange the molecular structure carefully to improve heat transfer and so allow a heating system to warm up more quickly – or a cooling system to chill faster.”  “Therefore”, he added, “Thermostats turn-off sooner and the boiler – or chiller – modulates or change its on/off cycle to save energy.”.

Please contact Robert Farman CEng MCIBSE CBIFM via 0777 612 6631 or for further information and visit the website for case studies etc:

A single A4 sheet ‘Briefing for Suffolk Chamber of Commerce’ with more detail is also available as a download.


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Abacus FMEC (Facilities Management Engineering Consultancy) is focused on distributing Hydromx®, which  is an unique, internationally-patented product, used in over 10,000 installations globally to reduce energy usage by up to 35%.

Following a standard drain and flush, Hydromx® is mixed 50/50 with water and simply pumped into the cooling or heating system to provide:

  • Significant reductions in energy costs and carbon emissions.
  • Payback in one to 3 years, with a 15 year warranty, generating 4 times the return on investment.
  • Reduction in running hours for boilers, chillers and heat pumps, cutting repair and life cycle costs.
  • Compatibility with all heating and cooling system materials, with a UKAS-accredited BuildCert Certificate.
  • Protection against corrosion, limescale, micro-organisms (eg Legionella) and freezing (minus 61oC).

 Hydromx® has attained: 

 PBA Energy Solutions Ltd is the exclusive UK and Ireland Hydromx® Distributor and has an agent based near the Cost Centre Savings office in Norwich.