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Homestead PDS Ltd Painting Contractors Commercial Profile 2014

Homestead PDS Ltd Painting Contractors

Commercial Profile: - Dilapidation; refurbishment; developments; plus negotiations are all with our remit; schools; care homes; dwellings old and new; internal; external decorations:

As with all commercial projects, painting and decorating is best left to the professionals – and this is where Homestead Painting and Decorating Services Ltd can help. With twenty years' of experience the company has established a good reputation for understanding the refurbishing needs of commercial premises of any size or purpose.

From the durable needs of industrial buildings to decorating solutions for office workspace and the aesthetic requirements of newly developed or rented properties, Homestead PDS pride themselves on providing a quality, personal service for each individual project they undertake, ensuring total customer satisfaction every time.

The business encompasses a vast range of services for both internal and external needs, including painting, decorating, wallpapering, paint spraying, colour scheming. Homestead PDS Ltd are also capable to complete timber repairs, which is highly valued by those looking to refurbish a period property with sash windows and timber in need of attention. Having embarked on a number of restoration projects over the years, Homestead PDS Ltd recognise the visual appeal and intrinsic value of older properties. With a good eye for original features, they know exactly how to release the character of a historic building.

One of Homestead PDS Ltd's many selling points is that their work is not just about what looks good (although this is a large part of it!) it’s about delivering a seamless, professional service from start to finish. The qualified and experienced staff initially set out to obtain a clear understanding of what their customer requires, from the nature of the work, budget and timescales to the grade and finish of materials to be employed, all of which are sourced from trusted suppliers. After conducting a risk assessment, work is completed with minimum disruption to the workplace, allowing business to operate as usual.

It is Homestead PDS Ltd's exceptional work ethic that leaves their customers impressed with the high standards of quality and efficiency, from careful preparation to the finished product and even the clean and tidy premises they are left with at the end of each day.

As professional painting and decorating contractors, Homestead PDS Ltd are able to give an estimated time of completion for each job which is particularly useful with commercial contracts, allowing clients to plan the next step of their project, whether they are preparing for a workplace restructure or moving tenants into rented property. Attention to detail is a top priority; therefore plenty of time is allocated to ensure completion by the agreed deadline.

Locally, the powerful tool of word of mouth does Homestead PDS Ltd justice. Their work has benefited a number of commercial assignments in East Anglia, working alongside property developers, construction companies, architects, surveyors, letting agents and landlords. In addition, the reliable firm has achieved a very strong network of associate professionals in the property improvement industry, including builders, plasterers, electricians, tilers, roofers, kitchen fitters, carpenters and interior designers, to help clients achieve their every refurbishing need.

It has been noted from their Customer Satisfaction Survey, conducted upon completion of each job, that Homestead PDS Ltd's quality painting service is greatly appreciated by clients. This ensures all individual needs are met, including time scale, working hours, budget and overall expectation. When it comes to choosing decorating materials, they have established an admirable balance between offering inspiration and making sure the best products are used for the job whilst respecting customers’ wishes. The company can also source eco-friendly paints to those keen to protect the environment.

David Driscoll, Director of Homestead PDS Ltd, takes pride in the work of his business. He says, “Our business thrives on the quality finish of every job but, in order to achieve that, each step of the process has to be managed to a high standard. We are trained and qualified for a reason, and that can make a huge difference with any painting and decorating job.”

Certified by the Construction Skills Certification Scheme, David has achieved a Painter & Decorator CGLI Craft Certificate, Painter & Decorator CGLI Advanced Craft Certificate and Painter & Decorator Approved Apprenticeship and is qualified in Health & Safety Awareness. Employers liability, training on techniques, equipment and materials is provided to all his staff members. IPAF operator. Construction line Members.

Homestead PDS Ltd is accountable for all work they carry out but we do prefer floors to be laid after we have completed decorations which is why they insist on keeping their skills and qualifications up-to-date. “We’ve undergone onsite progress training which goes well beyond learning the tricks of the trade,” says David. “As specialists in painting and decorating for commercial purpose, an insight into business, responsibility and health and safety procedures has become an essential part of our job.”

For efficiency, peace of mind and expertise that is guaranteed to get the best job done, call Homestead Painting and Decorating Services Ltd 07760 361995 and visit

David Driscoll
Homestead PDS Ltd

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A results-oriented and proactive manager with expertise in providing painting and decorating services and managing contracts. A resourceful and educated professional in regulatory and safety compliance with successful experience multitasking and delivering economically efficient and sustainable painting and decoration solutions to private customers and contractors. A natural leader, possesses excellent interpersonal, communication and organisational skills and the ability to develop positive relationships both internally and externally and undertaking contractual painting and decorating. A team-builder and approachable professional, enjoys being part of, as well as managing, a productive team and thrives in highly pressurised and challenging working environments


Currently seeking a challenging manager position in which to combine experience managing staff and operations of painting and decorating services and excellent time management skills to make a significant contribution to a growing organisation while continuing to advance professionally.