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Hepatitis A outbreaks in Europe

Hepatitis A: dramatic increase in Prague and Riga

Due to the low cost airlines, short trips to Prague are becoming very popular.

We wish to alert people to the dramatic increase in Hepatitis A in the city.

Hepatitis A is an infection of the liver caused by hepatitis A virus, and the disease varies from mild nausea and fever to jaundice and severe liver inflammation. The infection is caused by faecal contamination in water, and is easily transmitted in food and drinking water. Risks can be reduced by awareness of safe food and drink choices, good hygiene of one's self and that of the food handlers, and vaccination if travelling to at risk destinations.

At The Travel Clinic Ltd, we keep a stock of Hepatitis A vaccination, and 2 doses given 6-12 months apart may provide up to 20 years of protection.

CZECH REPUBLIC October 2008 Hepatitis A

The current outbreak of hepatitis A continues to affect Czech Republic. Around 602 cases have been reported through out the country. Prague continues to be the worst affected area with hepatitis A cases rising to 364 since the beginning of the outbreak.

Since the beginning of the year the Czech capital of Prague and Central Bohemia has seen a marked increase in the incidence of hepatitis A. The outbreak first began among intravenous drug users and the homeless but quickly spread to the general public. In early Sep 2008, a mass vaccination campaign targeted those at highest risk and the general population has been encouraged to seek vaccination as new cases are expected to continue for some time yet.

LATVIAOctober 2008 Hepatitis A

Since Nov 2007, an increase in the number of reported hepatitis A cases has been noted in Latvia. Between 1 Jan and 24 Sep 2008, a total of 759 confirmed cases of hepatitis A have been recorded. The incidence of the infection increased dramatically at the end of Aug and early Sep 2008. On 24 Sep alone, 285 suspected cases of hepatitis A were under investigation. The majority of cases were registered in the capital city of Riga (598) and in the Riga region (73)from

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