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HPV News from The Travel Clinic Ltd, Ipswich and Cambridge

Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) are known to be a cause of cervical, throat / oral and anal cancers.

Since 2008, teenage girls have been offered a course of three vaccine doses at school to protect against some of the important HPV strains.  Currently, boys and older females are not eligible to have the vaccine on the National Vaccine Schedule. 

This means that boys who have sexual contact with females who have not been vaccinated, or males who have sex with males and older females, will still risk being exposed to HPV virus. 

There has been an alarming 50% increase in the numbers of men diagnosed with throat and oral cancers since 1989, leading to almost 2000 deaths each year.

There is a growing call for young men to be vaccinated as well as our teenage girls.  This will help protect any females who cannot have the vaccine, and halt this growth in throat and oral cancers. 

The Travel Clinic Ltd can provide HPV vaccine for males, or for any female who is above the age to receive vaccine as part of the National Vaccine Schedule.

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