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Going for Goals

Working in partnership with Suffolk County Council, Inspire Suffolk have designed a programme called 'Going for Goals' to create a stimulating and innovative learning environment for young people to improve their mathematics skills and overall attainment. They are currently running a pilot programme working with Key Stage 3 pupils at Ipswich Academy and Key Stage 2 pupils at Murrayfield Primary School, a total of 38 pupils across both schools. The aim is to:-

  • Ensure pupils are more engaged, motivated and showing progress on their maths attainment.
  • Raise their aspirations
  • Ensure each child who participates reaches their potential
  • Improve behaviour change and school attendance levels
  • Confidence building and improve self esteem
  • Further develop new working relationships between schools and the voluntary sector.
  • Raise the percentage of pupils making more than expected progress by at least 10%

The sessions are being held at Inspire Suffolk's head office in Lindbergh Road, Ipswich. Delivered by qualified maths teachers and supported by mentors and coaches. The sessions make creative use of the indoor sports hall, the outdoor sports pitch, and one of the classrooms. Each session is designed around the curriculum using a number of different sports to encourage greater confidence and ability to solve mathematical problems. They are currently planning an awards night to highlight the pupils progress later this month.

Article by Inspire Suffolk

Inspire Suffolk is an independent charity that supports local young people onto a positive future through a range of engaging personal development programmes and support. This may be by enhancing their academic abilities, boosting personal confidence, overcoming mental health issues, or providing a pathway and support into further education, training or employment. 

The charity also provides sporting activities for local children and young people to boost participation, confidence and a healthy lifestyle. 

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