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Getting better: workplace health as a business issue

Getting better: workplace health as a business issue

A recent report ‘Getting Better: workplace health as a business issue’ finds a clear link on the benefits of providing employee wellbeing support

A Confederation of British Industry report, 'Getting better: workplace health as a business issue' published in May, found that there are clear business benefits to supporting employee health and wellbeing, such as lower absence, higher productivity and better engagement, so it is time for employers to act.

The Employee Benefits’ Workplace health report: strategies in practice is designed to help organisations do just that by exploring some of the key healthcare issues affecting workforces, so they can learn when and how to take a more preventative approach to supporting staff who are struggling to perform at their best, whatever the reason.

Prevention is already at the heart of many employers’ healthcare strategies as they strive to minimise sickness absence levels and, in the process, reduce costs. 

But this is not enough. An unacceptable number of employers continue to fail massively in their duty of care to optimise the health and wellbeing of their workforce. This is unacceptable given the increased workloads that so many organisations have expected their staff to take on during the economic downturn when recruitment freezes were commonplace.

This is particularly the case around sensitive topics such as mental health, which many employers avoid tackling because of the fear of getting it wrong.

Many employers are also struggling to deal with financial wellbeing because they fear breaching Financial Conduct Authority rules that prohibit them from offering financial advice, only guidance.

So perhaps it is time for employers to change their approach to employee health and wellbeing. A starting point could be for organisations to accept that ill-health is a genuine business risk, which should be managed in the same way as any other business risk and by a range of departments, which should include compliance.

An acceptance by employers that healthcare strategies are a work in progress and based on trial and error may also help to boost their efforts, as would a commitment to replace empty pledges with meaningful action, where possible and affordable.

Author: Clare Bettelley associate editor of Employee Benefits published 10 June 2014 at

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Another article following on from the Allianz Worldwide Care report that further demonstrates how providing a well designed wellbeing strategy is an investment in performance rather than a cost to the business. At Petaurum Solutions all our employee benefits are focused on supporting employees wellbeing, be it Physical, Mental or Financial. We partner with best in class providers to ensure all our products meet any required guidelines and are managed correctly to deliver the right outcomes for you. Why do we do this? To allow you, the employer, to put in place a range of strategies and interventions without the fear of breaching any codes of ethics or rules as the report above eludes to and to support you in providing additional support for your employees.

If you would like to know more about unlocking your employees’ performance through focussing on their wellbeing, contact us we would love to speak to you.

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